Easily engage your audience in automated, responsive text message conversations.

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Software that engages large groups in interactive texting

Step 1: Design the conversation

Create a decision tree by posing questions or reminders. Then create a branching logic so that Trext can automatically respond differently to different users.

Step 2: Send your texts

Deploy your tree by sending batch texts or publishing your tree so users can text in. Trext allows for a personal interactive conversation with thousands of people at once.

Step 3: Sit back, get data

All responses are stored and exported to Excel in just one click; allowing for powerful analytics. Trext is great for surveys, group coordination, customer support and more!

Why are you interested in Trext?

College Admissions

Reduce summer melt, improve student engagment, and boost applications

Trext Virtual Wait

Visualize your clinic, allow patients to wait remotely, and generate analytics

Employee Training and Engagement

Use real-life scenarios to engage employees in back-and-forth training

Surveys and Market Research

Get better response rate, reduce fraud, and get great real-time data

See Trext in Action

Why Trext


Texting is already seen as more personal than email. Moreover, with Trext you can automatically customize your message to address your clients by name and respond to their specific concerns (even when you text thousands of people).

Easy to use

You can use our simple drag and drop interface to create a conversation in a couple minutes. And in three clicks you can start the conversation with any of your contact groups. All the responses are sorted, stored and easily exported to excel.

High response rate

Texting is quickly becoming the preferred means of communication for Americans. Which means 95%-98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt compared to 22% of email.


“Trext is a great way to reach out to students with a method of contact that works for them. Between its user friendly interface and ease of setup, it is one of the best communication tools that I have used.”

“Trext is a fantastic way to engage your employees and customers. It's easy to write trees and get insights on employee engagement and customer experiences.”

“Trext is much less cumbersome and more elegant than other mobile options and allows users to create programs that suit their needs.”

Jon Scully Jon Scully
Associate Director of Admissions
American International College
Liz Liz D'Aloia
HR Virtuoso
David David Kulick, MPH
Program Manager, Health Systems,
Louisiana Public Health Institute


James Matheson

Jamie Matheson
Tech/Solution Guy    

Jamie works to bridge the tech and business ends of Trext. He helps guide strategy decisions, runs the internal operations, and is the lead developer. In the past, Jamie has worked for four start-ups including a healthcare consulting firm and a big data company. He doubled majored in Computer Science and Economics at Hampshire College.

Dave Matheson

Dave Matheson
Experience Guy  

Dave brings deep experience in business and health care developed over 30 years at the Boston Consulting Group, where he started and ran the firm's health care practice and served on its Executive Committee. He has a JD and MBA from Harvard, and serves on several Boards. He has consulted to hundreds of large companies and seen how their lack of attention to communication leaves lots of value on the table: hence the attraction of Trext. He consults with Trext clients to help them realize maximum value.

Kira McCoy

Kira McCoy

Kira has a knack for connecting with clients and figuring out how Trext can solve problems. She is gung ho about abolishing health disparities and rigorous research methodology. Kira double-majored at Hampshire College in public health and cognitive neuroscience.

Eric Lax

Eric Lax

Eric advises on business strategy, raises investment, and works with customers. He was a co-founder of Trext and is now at Stanford studying for an MS in Data Science and an MBA. Eric graduated summa cum laude from Amherst College with a triple major in math, economics and behavioral economics.

Amniya Shahbozova

Amniya Shahbozova

Amniya is responsible for the company’s finances and business operations. She majored in accounting and business and speaks four languages fluently. She has several years of experience in business development and brings a global perspective to the team.

Shirish Bhattarai

Shirish Bhattarai
Sales and Clients  

Shirish is responsible for bridging the gap between the technology and the clients. He works closely with current clients, does market research and finds unique ways to use the technology to solve problems. He is passionate about economic development and social justice. Shirish double-majored at Hampshire College in Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Paul Gulley

Paul Gulley
Developer/Problem Solver  

Paul works to develop features, expanding Trext and responding to user feedback. He is currently at the University of Massachusetts pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, with a concentration in Machine Learning. When not coding or studying, he is probably dancing somewhere.

Celine Lim

Celine Lim

Celine works with clients one-on-one to improve user experience. She identifies the individual needs of clients to customize Trext to work towards their targeted potential. When not zigzagging through bike paths, Celine is a junior at Amherst College pursuing a double-major in French and Economics.

Portraits by Yasmine Abulhab

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